It’s official: Marketing is directly correlated to revenue

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Sales in any industry is a numbers game and can be broken down into statistics. In real estate and corporate sales top sales professionals close about a third of prospective deals. Let's break that down - so if the top sales person on a corporate team is only generating revenue from 1 out of 3 pitch meetings and they have to talk to ten people to get one meeting - there are 30 contacts, or leads, this sales person must have contact with to secure one deal. Keep in mind this sales professional is the at the top of their game and they are required to get multiple deals to not only stay on top but also to keep getting paid. Let's assume this sales pro needs at least six deals a month to meet their goal and eight deals a month to exceed their goal and earn a bonus. So to just meet their goal they will need to interact with 180 contacts and to exceed their goal they will need 300 contacts or leads to have the chance (not a guarantee) of achieving a bonus and maintain their job performance.

Most businesses are in the same predicament as this sales professional and must constantly attract and convert new customers. For many small businesses and solo entrepreneurs the process of attracting and retaining clients is equally as vital as the services, or products themselves. To automate and simplify the majority of this work it is best to create a sales funnel that can attract, pre-qualify and interact with contacts for you.

Sales funnels must contain the following elements to be successful:

Automated: the majority of the work must be done by content you create ONCE to attract, pre-qualify and convert thousands of potential customers to paying clients.

Value Driven: the content must spell out the problem facing your potential client and position your services/products as the solution.

Lead Capture Magnet: the content and flow of the information must inspire and ASK for action and include a Call to Action (CTA) or an opportunity for the potential customer to connect further with your business.

The most successful CTAs offer an option to LEARN MORE, SUBSCRIBE to an email list (with customer value), SET UP A CONSULTATION, SCHEDULE A DISCOVERY CALL or CLAIM an offer to a download and/or coupon.

With automation, value-driven content and a lead capture magnet your sales funnel will be creating connections and interactions with potential customers and turning them into paying clients while you are handling the many other tasks required to operate a business.

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